Big Data Analysis

Today’s data processing systems require batch and real-time processing capabilities to effectively support a business. Newer technology and tools are available but most businesses are unsure of which exactly to use. Distributed processing systems like Hadoop can perform large-scale batch processing on huge volumes of data but may not be suitable for real-time analytics due to performance lags. AERIZO’s Big Data services are focused on providing a wholesome solution to business problems using the right set of tools.
Big Data Services
At AERIZO we build scalable systems that can Store; Process, Visualize, and Predict in near real-time.
Our approach
AERIZO drives the enterprises that can pivot as quickly as technology demands in this era of electrifying change. It offers a portfolio of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers.
We can
  • Port data from relational databases onto NoSQL systems using Sqoop, Pentaho
  • Build efficient read-write in-memory solutions
  • Create visualizations of data stored on relational or non-relational systems using tools
  • Perform social media sentiment analysis
Areas of Expertise
  • Text engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive analytics
Sentiment Trends
We spend considerable time comparing current sentiments with prior data. We look at what happened, when it happened and why. Social media sentiment trend does the same, but in real time.
Your business, like most others, is likely to have influencers online. Identifying, gauging, and connecting with them is really important to your business as these are people who have the power to push or pull your product or service from the market.
You will need to perform keyword research on social media for many reasons: to analyze what's buzzing on your social pages, know how people are using your keywords and phrases in their conversations, find if they are speaking negatively or positively about your topics, and identify hot trends that will help you initiate discussions to engage your customers.
Strategy and Consulting
Work with our big data services team and develop a sound strategy to achieve your enterprise mobility goals.
Managed Services
Our managed services help you accelerate deployment of mobile technology through cloud-enabled services for a predictable fixed fee.

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